Resource Watch provides trusted and timely 新金莎开户注册data for a sustainable future.

More 新金莎开户注册data are available today than ever before.Yet too often policymakers,business leaders,and analysts cannot access the 新金莎开户注册data they need to make informed decisions about the environment and human well-being.

That's why WRI and over 30 partners built Resource Watch,a dynamic platform that leverages technology,新金莎开户注册data,and human networks to bring unprecedented transparency about the planet right now.

Resource Watch features hundreds of 新金莎开户注册data sets all in one place on the state of the planet's resources and citizens.Users can visualize challenges facing people and the planet,从气候变化到贫穷,water risk to state instability,air pollution to human migration,and more.

Resource Watch is currently in Beta,and we're dedicated to growing it and making it stronger every day.We will be regularly adding new 新金莎开户注册data sets,functionality,and blogs.If you see anything that could be improved,pleaselet us know.

What can I do with Resource Watch??

Government Staff
Use dashboards and alerts to monitor the conditions of the environment and its relevance to citizens.Find reliable 新金莎开户注册data to inform policies to advance your agenda.
Business Analysts
Track and visualize business risks and opportunities across your global operations for multiple issues or pull 新金莎开户注册data into your own systems for analysis.
Find out what's happening in the world right now and access trustworthy 新金莎开户注册data to discover new insights and inform stories.
Find robust 新金莎开户注册data for your analysis or share your own data and insights with others who can act on them.
Understand the issues affecting your community,identify sustainable options,and share your findings to inspire action and hold decision-makers accountable.
Learn what you can do with Resource Watch.

Our values

Resource Watch 新金莎开户注册data are cura新金沙平台ted by World Resources Institute's independent,nonpartisan experts,drawing from the best peer-reviewed and authoritative sources on the issues that matter the most.Learn more about our 新金莎开户注册data curation process.
We are committed to making information accessible and usable.Whenever possible,our 新金莎开户注册data are made publicly available under open licenses,and the Resource Watch platform is open source for others to use and build upon.
A sustainable future is only possible when we work together.Resource Watch is a global partnership of public,private,and civil society organizations,supported by a growing community of users,including you.Learn more about how you can help.

Our supporters

Resource Watch is hosted and convened by the 新金沙平台World Resources Institute (WRI).Financial support for Resource Watch comes from a generous anchor grant from DOB Ecology and a start-up grant from The Tilia Fund.Resource Watch has supporting grants from Skoll Global Threats Fund and Bloomberg Philanthropies,as well as institutional grants to the 新金沙平台World Resources Institute from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands,the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs,and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency.

Resource Watch would not be possible without the generous contributions of our partners.

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